Where do I start?                 Can I get in?                      Am I doing it right?

          How do I know what’s a good college?         How am I going to afford it?

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We can help.  By helping each student find the “right college fit,” we reduce the stress of navigating the complex process of finding and applying to colleges.  I use my years of experience and expertise to give families a roadmap that keeps the process organized and manageable, and that empowers the student to succeed in choosing a college that fits all their needs: academic, social, and financial.  Contact me to arrange a free consultation!

          Whethershutterstock_192215372 you’re just thinking about college, getting ready to apply, or looking to transfer, I can help.  My DiscoveryU process can begin as early as middle school.  One thing that all students want is to know how to present the best of who they are to potential colleges. Whether you’re just thinking about college, getting ready to apply, or looking to transfer, I can help.   I work with students who have a very clear idea of what they want to do and with students who have no idea what they want to do.  In fact, most students I work with are still deciding and will often change their mind in the middle of the process.  That’s Okay, this is a big decision and you want to do it right, I can help.  Before spending what could be the equivalent of the price of a house on your education, you’d like to know you’ve what all your options are.  If you want a dedicated person, an expert in colleges who has personally visited almost 100 colleges in your corner, I can help.  I love working with students and families to help each student find their right college fit.

Feel free to call, skype or email me to find out more.  I work with students all across the state and country.  Get started finding the right college fit for you, the right way, with the right tools! IMG_0577

Contact me today for a Free 30 minute Consultation!

Located in South Anchorage near Service High School- 5015 East 98th Ave

“Brian was so helpful! I was completely lost on how to find the right college and Brian showed me the way.  It was such a relief to have a plan and an order to do things!”

~Whitney, class of 2018


Need Common App Essay Help?

Most colleges will require that you write an essay as part of the application process. Writing an essay for the common application is often one of the difficult parts about applying to colleges, but it doesn’t have to be.  By using a step-wise approach, we start at brainstorming ideas by tapping into your experiences, move into developing a theme that will demonstrate your uniqueness and finishing with a well-crafted, personal essay that will tell the colleges something about who you are. This interactive, collaborative approach makes the process almost fun. We can take you from having no idea of what you’ll write about to an essay you’ll be proud of. Cost is $149, and usually requires about 4 meetings that can be set up at times that are convenient.



Just Released Second Edition of The Savvy Guide to the 4-Year WUE Colleges

I am also the author of The Savvy Guide to the 4-Year WUE Colleges.  A one of a kind guidebook that compiles all the information needed to explore the 78 four year WUE colleges.  It has the WUE tuition costs for each school along with information about each one.  It also lists any extra requirements necessary to receive the reduced WUE tuition. It also contains acceptance rates, four and six year graduation rates, and much more.  It’s a great way to begin looking into the WUE colleges.  Why not spend 15 bucks and possibly save thousands!  Order now! You can purchase direct from Amazon by clicking the Buy now from Amazon button in the right sidebar OR Buy Direct from here using your credit card and save 20%!  –  $14.99   $13.00 (+$3.99 S & H) buy pressing the Buy Now button below.

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