impressions of Cornish College

Impressions of………………..Cornish College

Cornish College is an art school that has majors in Visual and Performing arts only.

Only Cal arts and Philly’s University of the Arts is like Cornish) It is a school of around 800 undergrads and admission requirements vary based on the area of study. The visual arts are fine art/design/interior architecture/film. Performance is music/dance/theater.

Seattle has a vibrant arts scene and is a stepping stone to the larger arts centers such as LA, Chicago, or NY without the cutthroat competition. It is in the heart of downtown and you can see the space needle from the campus. It’s a small campus with most classes in a few buildings near the main bhilding. The largest is the 20 story dorm that also has classes on the first few floors. IMG_0879IMG_0877IMG_0883 Some students need to take a shuttle to one of the other main buildings. The shuttle is about a 10-20 minute ride depending on traffic and runs all day. Dance and Theater students if I remember right are the ones who need to go this route. The dorms are new and very nice and huge. So far, they only guarantee housing for freshman, but any others who have requested to stay in the dorm has had room. Most find it cheaper to live off campus nearby were walking or bus will get you to campus within 10-20 minutes. Academically they are starting a new thing in 2016 called Creative Corridor which will meet on Thursdays from 1-5. These will be classes of a collaborative nature. Students must take a lot of classes and complained that they didn’t have time for collaborative ventures. The school has responded to making a for credit class that involves collaboration. The admissions director was top notch and she said her 4 things she likes to point out are 1) Seattle and location. 2) the faculty, she says 99% of students say this is the best part of the college. They’re passionate and really want to pass on what they know and have experienced. 3) The students are serious, supportive, and students love being around like minded others. 4) They really want to create your own unique “voice” in what ever you’re doing. This is a school for those who know what they want to do, not so much dabble around in the arts. They really want their students to push the boundaries and do something that no one else has done.IMG_0876IMG_0875

Pro-tips – About 70% audition or have a portfolio. It really helps you if you do it. You can audition by recording if you need to. They have a great pre-summer programs that help you get ready. It is for college credit and helps you build the skills prior to enrolling. Lastly if you can get to a national or regional portfolio day, they are often there:

See, (theater/tech)

NY/Chi/LA has one day show and tellsIMG_0881

My impressions. I liked the small all encompassing two main buildings-including the dorm. The view of downtown and the space needle from the top common room of the dorm would sell for millions. It seemed like a place for artists who really want to find their own voice and do something that is entirely their own. All in downtown Seattle and that Seattle vibe. If this sounds like you………Cornish might be for you!

Updated: July 25, 2016 — 1:17 pm
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