Impressions of Western Washington University

Impressions of ……………Western Washington University


Residence Halls

Located an hour south of Canada along the beautiful pacific northwest coast IMG_0910in the town of Bellingham. 15,000 attend and 96% of those are undergrads. It’s mainly a residential campus with no Greek life. The residences are on each end of the campus and it’s a long narrow campus. 93% of freshman live on campus and only about 12% of seniors. There is plenty of housing nearby. It has sits high on a hill and it can take 10-15 minutes to get to class. They do have a shuttle bus. The dining halls are in the north, west, and middle sections. Students can eat at any one of those. They have a great Rec center and Div II sports.

They are on the quarterly system and ARE NOT on the common app. They have their own application. Students apply listing their intended major. They also have an honors college where those students live together and take one honors class each quarter. The average amount of time to graduate is 4 year and one quarter. Some classes may be hard to get into, hence the extra quarter. The largest classes have around 250 students. Visited on a Saturday, so didn’t get to talk to admissions. I called them and they never returned my call, so no pro tips. They are a WUE school, but it’s a very competitive program-3.9 GPA on average.IMG_0904IMG_0903

My impressions – A nice sized middle to large school with generally white/middle class or upper middle class kids. Pretty typical students. Lot’s of opportunities available for those who want them and quite a few students take advantage of them. Not a typical regional university-more like a medium sized university.

View from courtyard by the dining hall near the north residence halls

View from courtyard by the dining hall near the north residence halls

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