Impressions of Bryn Mawr

Impressions of …………..Bryn Mawr

Bryn Mawr is a small, liberal arts college in Philly just for women. Some students attend because it’s a women’s college, some come despite it, and others don’t care. Being a women’s college, they have a lot of traditions relating one class to another. Each class gets a certain color lantern. IMG_0093 IMG_0091This tradition, unlike many other campuses, seems to be embraced by all the students. Located on the main line, one of 5 colleges along the train that runs to downtown Philly. It is small with 1300 undergrads. It has a relationship with Haverford and Swarthmore and Penn. The relationship with Haverford is called the Bi-consortium, or Bi-Co for short. When the women of Bryn Mawr look for classes to take, Haverford classes appear on the web and they can register through the Bryn Mawr website. Most students from Haverford and Bryn Mawr take advantage of these opportunities. The Tri-consortium also includes Swarthmore. This is not quite as popular as Bryn Mawr students most go the the Swarthmore website to sign up. There are shuttles between the three schools.IMG_0094 Students also use the shuttles to attend events at other schools. Going to Haverford is popular on weekends, because of it’s reputation to work hard, play hard. Penn is also part of it, put students must take the mainline to get there, so it’s not as popular as the others. The Tri-Co also allows dining on the other campuses. Most students live on campus all four years. About half the juniors will study abroad. It’s known as a rigorous school. Most students are committed to make a difference. They use the word “empower” a lot. They are politcially left. When asked about conservatives on campus, the guide hem and hawed a lot.IMG_0092

My impressions – For women students wanting a rigorous education with other women in a large city and wanting to make a difference………….Bryn Mawr may be for you!

Updated: August 8, 2016 — 5:04 pm
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