Impressions of Haverford College

Impressions of ……………Haverford

Haverford is a small liberal arts college located on the main line in Philly. It has around 1200 students. Haverford is part of the Bi-Co with Bryn Mawr and Tri-Co with Swarthmore. IMG_0103They see more students from Bryn Mawr than go to Bryn Mawr. IMG_0102Bryn Mawr has a reputation for “easier” classes. 60% of students will take a class on one of the other campuses, usually something you want that Haverford doesn’t offer. See my Bryn Mawr blog to read more about the relationship. Their values are based on their Quaker heritage: Trust, Concern, Respect. There is a student on every committee at the college. They are famous for their honor code. Academically, this school of 1200 is in the top 25 for producing Ph. D’.’s. That’s in real numbers, not per capita. Tells you something about the academics and the school. They have three interdisciplinary centers: Arts/Humanities – such as making documentaries. Center for Peace and Global Citizenship, And a Science Interdisciplinary center. About half the juniors study abroad. Every senior does a capstone project, usually a thesis paper or research paper. 98% of students live on campus and 60% of faculty! 70% of students live in single rooms. There is no greek life. Haverford is known as a work hard(see Ph D. output)/Play hard (drinking) college. Students are not penalized for underage alcohol consumption. They don’t want “sneak and hide” drinking as part of the culture. Most students stay on campus for weekends. They are D III for sports and about 30% of students are involved in sports in some way.IMG_0101

Pro-tips: ED is getting very popular. Almost half the students are admitted early decision. Interviews are also important.

My impression: If you want a very rigorous education-not just saying it’s rigorous, and want a small liberal arts college in a major city, along with a work hard/play hard culture…….. Haverford may be for you!

Updated: August 8, 2016 — 7:58 pm