Impressions of St. Joseph’s University

Impressions of …….St. Joseph’s University.

St. Joes is located along the main line in Philly. The main line is a train that runs to downtown. Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Villanova, and Swarthmore are also along the main line. It’s about a 10 minute walk to the train and a 10 minute ride to downtown or the arts district. It’s a medium sized school of around 4000 undergrads.IMG_0086 It’s a georgous campus. It’s specifically known for its food marketing program, it’s autism center, and international relations/poly sci since Philly has a lot of NGO’s. It is a Jesuit university, with the jesuit requirements. It seemed somewhat catholic. Two theology classes are required. They have daily mass, but few students attend. The direct of admissions gave me 3 take-aways. They are jesuit. They value service learning. The are very professional. The have co-ops, but don’t just want to educate their students for jobs, but for careers. IMG_0090Freshman and sophomores are required to live on campus and most juniors and seniors live off campus. They are 20% greek, but have no greek housing. Most students decide their major by the end of freshman year. Most of the students are from the region and it does have an east coast vibe. It’s pretty politically balanced and not too active.

Pro-tip: They look for service minded students, so however you can communicate that to them, essay, letter of recommendation, or activities would let them know you’re a good fit.

My impressions: Came in not knowing a lot. Seemed like a good choice for a student who wants to be in a major city, but be on a very pretty campus. Also, service oriented and wanting a well rounded education. No super competitive to get in either. If that sounds like you…………….. St’ Joes might be for you!IMG_0089

Updated: August 8, 2016 — 7:23 pm
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