impressions of the University of Pennsylvania

Impressions of……………………. the University of Pennsylvania

Penn is an Ivy League school. It’s an oasis right in Philly about 10-15 minutes from downtown and is right next to Drexel University.IMG_0079 Penn has 20,000 students and about 10,000 of them are undergrads. In 2015, they received almost 40,000 applications. The acceptance rate of Early Decision is much higher than regular decision, but it is a binding decision.IMG_0080 Penn has 4 colleges, Business, Engineering, Nursing, and Arts and Sciences. Many students come in undecided. Business and Engineering are very competitive. Students live in residential colleges and is required for freshman. About 60% of sophomores stay on campus and most upperclassmen live off campus. About 30% are involved in Greek life and many other are involved in sports. Most students spend their first two years doing liberal arts classes. Writing is required of all students, as is a foreign language (except engineers).IMG_0081

Pro-tips: They do look at your depth on interest. A strong letter of recommendation from a specific subject area from your Junior year helps. They do look at subject tests. The essay should not be just about you, but on any impact you had. The “why Penn” essay should be as specific as possible.IMG_0085

My impressions – Very high achieving students. Business school applicants should already have started a business or something equally impressive. Engineers should have completed 2-3 years of calculus or something equally impressive. As of this writing, they are changing their ED policies. It seems to me, if you really want to Penn, apply ED. It is binding, but the acceptance rates are much higher. So if that sounds like you……………Penn may be for you!

With Mr. Franklin himself (Benjamin)

With Mr. Franklin himself (Benjamin)

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