My proprietary method to help you find the best college fit.  By following these steps, it makes the whole process manageable, sensible, and stress free.  This method is embedded in all our packages and services. I call it DiscoveryU, were you will discover the best fit college for you!


PreparingU – Preparing in high school for college success.

Organizing a strategic plan balancing academics, extracurriculars, and fun.

Deciding what classes to take as seen from a college admissions viewpointshutterstock_192215372

Extracurricular guidance and advice.

Standardized test selection, timing, and preparation.

Developing skills helpful to college success.

KnowingU – The most important step in choosing a college.

Knowing your desires, dreams, strengths, weaknesses, insecurities, and passions.

Scholastic and personality assessments.

Identifying goals, interests, search parameters, and talents.

Developing a distinct personality profile.

Identifying what you do and what it says about you.

College4U – Putting together a list of best fit colleges to apply to.

Understanding what information is available and important in choosing a college.

Help in determining what makes a good college and a best fit college.

Weighing and deciding on criteria for college choices.

Developing timelines for choosing colleges.

Deciding what kind of college experience you want.

ShowingU – Showing your best you to colleges.

Management tools for the application process

Interview preparedness and advice

Essay brainstorming, strategies, and possible tools to use.

Understanding the Common App, Early Action, Early Decision, Binding and Nonbinding applications Showing colleges the academic, extracurricular, and personal you.

ChoosingU – Choosing your best fit college.

Weighing and criteria for your final choice.

The importance of senior year college visits.

Managing the post application process.

Focusing on who you will be spending the next four years with.

Paying4U – Options for paying for college.

Exploring some lower cost options

Looking at WUE options

Investigating transfer options of starting at one college and graduating from another.

Fafsa help and advice.

Understanding financial aid, merit aid, and resources for scholarships.

LeavingU – Preparing to go

Emotional preparedness for students and parents.

Practical tips and advice.

Understanding what makes a successful college experience.

Expectations of parents and students.

Get ready to Discover the best college for U!

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