How we help

Getting ready for college can be an overwhelming, complicated, and stressful time. Where do I start?  What should I know?  What do colleges look for?  Can I afford it?  These are some of the most common questions I get asked.  At the same time, the college search and application process can be exciting, hopeful, and rewarding.  Greatland College Consulting was founded to aid in this process.  My philosophy is simple:

                     “Helping students find the right college fit.”

     There are no “secrets” to getting into “the best” colleges.  I believe that there are several college options for everyone.  I guide students and families on a personal and consistent basis to reduce their stress by helping them navigate the complex process of finding and applying to colleges. I help students know themselves; their strengths and weaknesses, wants and needs, and prioritize their desires.  I use my years of experience and expertise to give families a roadmap that keeps the process organized and manageable and that empowers the student to succeed in choosing a college .  Our aim is to match each student’s unique personality, goals, and desires to a range of college options.  In the end, helping each student find the right college fit, academically, socially and financially.   Notice, I use words like help, advise, and empower empower.  That’s what I do.  This is your process, your journey, your life.

        “Having Brian help us was amazing.  Knowing we could depend on him was so helpful. I can’t imagine how things would of turned out without him!”

                                                       ~Mom of Whitney, class of 2018