Services and rates

Families have different needs so we offer 3 different options to help meet those needs, the bronze package, the silver package, and the gold package.

The bronze package is our lowest cost option starting at $199.00  It is an intense half day workshop that goes through the entire college process in one session.  Using our workbook and DiscoveryU process, I guide you through the steps that you’ll need to take in your college selection process.  By having a workbook, you’re have a valuable resource to give you a clear understanding of the college selection process.  You’ll leave knowing you have the tools to navigate your way through the ever increasing college selection process.

The Silver package is basically the bronze package broken up into three separate one on one workshops. While the bronze package tackles the whole process in one day, the silver package separates the steps into more manageable chunks. It has the advantage of completing each step with me at the appropriate time in the process.  Ideally, we would do workshop I during the freshman or sophomore year, workshop II during the Junior year, and Workshop III early in the senior year. Completing the appropriate steps during the high school years helps each family know that they have someone in their corner to help navigate each part of the process as they approach each part.

The Gold package includes 6 meetings or more if needed.  It is comprehensive.  It includes contact with me at any time for any number of years during the whole process.It also includes me spending about 20 hours of research to prepare a list of schools for each student.

Whatever your needs my be, contact me and lets begin the process of helping you find your best college fit.  Contact me for a free consultation





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