Services and rates

Families have different needs so we offer 3 different options to help meet those needs, the One Day package, the Alaskan package, and the Platinum package.

One Day package $199 – This is our lowest cost option. It is a three hour workshop that goes through the entire college process in one session.  Using our workbook and DiscoveryU process, I guide you through the steps that you’ll need to take in your college selection process.  By completing the workbook, you’re have a valuable resource to give you a clear understanding of the college selection process.  You’ll leave knowing you have the tools to navigate your way through the ever increasing college selection process.

Alaskan Package $500.00 – This is my complete and comprehensive package and is available only to students who live in Alaska.  As a service designed for middle-class families, this package retains my services during the process of finding and choosing colleges until the student heads off to college. It includes a personalized list or lists of colleges were I use my knowledge and expertise to help you find the right college fit. Services include 24/7 contact with any questions or concerns.  I will, whenever possible, return phone calls and emails by the end of the day. I am available days, evenings, or weekends at a mutually agreed upon time and day. We will schedule the following meetings based upon my DiscoveryU program:

A PreparingU meeting – Preparing for college        IMG_0573

A KnowingU meeting –  I help the student refine what they’re for.

A College4U meeting  – The process of choosing the best fit college choices.

A ShowingU meeting –  Showing your best in the application process.

A ChoosingU meeting (optional per family request) – Making the final choice

A LeavingU meeting (optional per family request) – Wisdom and advice from others.

Paying4U will be embedded in the entire process – Dealing with college costs.

Services may include:

  • Helping to identify goals, interests, search parameters, talents
  • Advise in choosing high school classes
  • Weighing and deciding on criteria for college choices
  • Organizing a plan
  • Evaluation of high school transcripts and extracurriculars as seen from an admissions viewpoint
  • Resume preparation
  • Showing your best to colleges
  • Developing timeline and time management tools for the application process
  • Interview preparedness
  • Standardized test selection, timing, and preparation resources
  • Helping you research colleges
  • College visit guidelines
  • Travel advice
  • Essay brainstorming and strategies
  • Personal list of college recommendations for best-fit schools
  • Low cost options
  • WUE options
  • Pros and cons of early admissions, early action, early decision, binding and non-binding
  • Criteria for final choices
  • Post-application processes
  • Fafsa help and advice
  • Financial aid packages, merit aid, need-based aid, scholarships

Platinum Package $1800 – This is designed for students and families that need more one-on-one assistance, international students and students in the lower 48.  It is also recommended for those who have more complex situations that would require more in office meetings than the six one-on-one included with the Alaskan Package.  It has all the elements of the Alaskan Package with the addition of weekly one-on-one meeting either in person or via computer (Hangouts/Skype/Facetime).

Whatever your needs my be, contact me and lets begin the process of helping you find your best college fit.  Contact me for a free consultation