Services and rates

Families have different needs so we offer 3 different options to help meet those needs, the One Day package, the Alaskan package, and the Platinum package.

One Day package $199 – This is our lowest cost option. It is a three hour workshop that goes through the entire college process in one session.  Using our workbook and DiscoveryU process, I guide you through the steps that you’ll need to take in your college selection process.  By completing the workbook, you’re have a valuable resource to give you a clear understanding of the college selection process.  You’ll leave knowing you have the tools to navigate your way through the ever increasing college selection process.

Alaskan Package $500.00 – This is my complete and comprehensive package and is available only to students who live in Alaska.  As a service designed for middle-class families, this package retains my services during the process of finding and choosing colleges until the student heads off to college. It includes a personal list or lists of colleges were I use my knowledge and expertise to help you find the right college match. Services include 24/7 contact with any questions or concerns.  I will, whenever possible, return phone calls and emails by the end of the day. I am available days, evenings, or weekends at a mutually agreed upon time and day. We will schedule the following meetings based upon my DiscoveryU program:

A PreparingU meeting – Preparing for college        IMG_0573

A KnowingU meeting –  I help the student refine what they’re for.

A College4U meeting  – The process of choosing the best fit college choices.

A ShowingU meeting –  Showing your best in the application process.

A ChoosingU meeting (optional per family request) – Making the final choice

A LeavingU meeting (optional per family request) – Wisdom and advice from others.

Paying4U will be embedded in the entire process – Dealing with college costs.

Services may include:

  • Scholastic and personality assessments
  • Developing a distinct personal profile
  • Helping to identify goals, interests, search parameters, talents
  • Advise in choosing high school classes
  • Weighing and deciding on criteria for college choices
  • Organizing a plan
  • Evaluation of high school transcripts and extracurriculars as seen from an admissions viewpoint
  • Resume preparation
  • Showing your best to colleges
  • Developing timeline and time management tools for the application process
  • Interview preparedness
  • Standardized test selection, timing, and preparation resources
  • Helping you research colleges
  • College visit guidelines
  • Travel advice
  • Essay brainstorming and strategies
  • Personal list of college recommendations for best-fit schools
  • Low cost options
  • WUE options
  • Pros and cons of early admissions, early action, early decision, binding and non-binding
  • Criteria for final choices
  • Post-application processes
  • Fafsa help and advice
  • Financial aid packages, merit aid, need-based aid, scholarships

Platinum Package $1800 – This is designed for students and families that need more one-on-one assistance, international students and students in the lower 48.  It has all the elements of the Alaskan Package with the addition of weekly one-on-one meeting either in person or via computer (Hangouts/Skype/Facetime).

Whatever your needs my be, contact me and lets begin the process of helping you find your best college fit.  Contact me for a free consultation





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