Q: How do you help me get into a good school?

First off, a good school for one student is not a good school for another.  Through my DiscoveryU program, I’ll help you decide what’s a good school for you.  I can help you present “the best you” to potential colleges.

Q: Why can’t I do this on my own?

You can!  My services are not for everyone.  If you’re sure of what you’re doing or you’re just going to UAA or UAF, you probably don’t need any extra help.  But with so many choices and with so much information out there, the college search process can be really confusing and overwhelming, not to mention the costs involved when going to college. Wouldn’t you rather have a low stress way to choose colleges and know you’re getting the right information so you can get your “Right College Fit”?

Q: What makes you an expert?

I’ve received certification from the University of California-Irvine in Educational Consulting.  It is the most extensive and thorough program in the country.  I’ve been guiding students for a number of years.  And by visiting colleges and retaining memberships in professional organizations, attending workshops and conferences, I spend a lot of my time keeping up with the ever-changing world of colleges and college admissions.

Q: Do you work with only high achieving students who want to get into an Ivy league school?

Absolutely not! Every student is different with different dreams, goals, and aspirations.  I work with a variety of students from the academic, to the artist, and with the unsure.  DiscoveryU is the process to help every student find the right college fit.

Q: That all sounds good, but how am I going to pay for college?

There are no secret formula’s to get free college.  I consider cost with every student.  We will discuss ways to help get the most aid, scholarships, and find lower cost alternatives for every possible situation.  By spending a little money with me, you’ll more wisely spend your money on tuition and other college costs.

Q: I’m paying for college and you want me to pay you too?

Over one-third of students transfer because they’re not happy with their college choice. Many families make poor decisions because they didn’t understand all the options and how to navigate the complicated college admission world.  A college education can cost as much as a house!  I think families save more in time, stress, and money when they have the right information and can make the best decisions for themselves when they have a professional advising them about their choices.

Q: How come your package fees are so much less than others in your profession?

I really want to offer my services to middle income families.  Most of my colleagues work with higher income families who are trying to get an edge.  I feel middle income families should have equal access to helping them   find the right college fit.  I do have to limit the amount of students and families I serve, but most years I have space available.

Q: I don’t live near you, do you work with students outside your area?

Yes I do.  Skype and email are amazing.  I prefer the dynamics of face-to-face, but have worked with students not in this area.

Q: My situation is unique, do you work with athletes or students with learning disabilities?

I do work with all students, however if I feel you need a more specialized service than I can offer, I will refer to other consultants who specialize in certain areas.  If you’re not sure, set up an appointment with me.  The free consultation will help you decide if you think I be be of service.

Q: So what will you try to sell me with this Free Consultation?

The free consultation allows us to meet and see if you’re comfortable with me.  It also allows you to ask any questions in regards to process, cost, and your specific situation and whether I might be helpful to you.  You can hire me at that time, or wait and think about it.  There is no obligation.

Q: Where and when do we meet?

I have a home office or we can meet at a coffee shop or at your home.  Whatever is most convenient for you. We will schedule a mutually agreeable time.  I work days, evenings, and Saturdays. I want to be available for you.