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Below are several tools I use in helping students “Find the Right College Fit.”  Most of these are from my workshops.  I hope you find them helpful.

For a pamphlet describing what I do:


For a list of the resources I use:


For a description of the importance of certain factors that colleges use to review their applicants:

What do Colleges Look For

Applying Early often increases your chances of being offered admission, but there are some precautions to know about

What to Know About Applying Early

ACCC Newsletter Fall 2016

Some helpful suggestions in writing your essay for the common app:

Writing Your Essay

Even more resources that I use:

More Resources

I find this tool helpful in tracking your academics in high school:


ACCC Newsletter Winter 2016

I find this tool helpful in remembering and recording all your extracurricular activites:


I useful tool to help you think of what you want to gain from your college experience:

Self Survey for the College Bound

Scoring your survey


Standardized Test Tracking Form:


ACCC Newsletter March 2017

Where Alaskan Students tend to go to college out of state:

Where do Alaskan students attend college when they go out of state

Hers’s a list of Musical Theater Conservatoires:

List of Musical Theatre Conservatories

How High School compares to College:

high school v college

ACCC Fall 2017

A valuable resource to use when visiting colleges

Visiting Colleges Handout