How we help

There are 123 colleges of pharmacy in the United States.  They are all different and offer different learning environments.  Although they all confer the Pharm. D. degree, what they offer and what they emphasize are different.  I can help you sort out the differences.  Pharmacy school is costly and the more you know, the better choice you can make.  Factors can vary from the obvious as location, size, and cost to other less obvious criteria. Do most students live on campus?  Are they an older or a younger age?  What is housing like compared to undergraduate options?  Do they emphasize retail, clinical, or advanced academic opportunities? Do their students pass the board?  What is the learning environment like?  Are there any unique programs they offer?  I can help you prepare, analyze, and apply to pharmacy school.  With so many choices, I can reduce your stress and empower you to find the best fit pharmacy school for you.