FAQ (pharmacy)

Q: How is applying to pharmacy school different than applying to college?

Obviously, the biggest difference is that one does not need to choose a major.  The other major difference is that the number of choices is far less, as there are only 123 pharmacy schools. Students are often older and looking for a different college experience than those just looking to go to college.

Q: How will you help me?

I will help you show your best self.  Although all schools offer the Pharm.D., their emphasis on the various uses of the degree differ.  There are also special programs at many of the pharmacy schools. But introducing you to all these options, you can find the right pharmacy college fit for you.

Q: Why are you an expert?

I am the only college consultant who has a degree in pharmacy.  I still work part time so I can get a feel for what is happening in the field.  It also allows me to work with many students from many college programs and I try to get feedback on their experiences?

Q: How does the process work?

I have an intake questionnaire that let’s me get to know you.  From this, I can present various options for what you might be looking for in a pharmacy school.  Most of our interaction is via email and Skype.