One Day package

Before you spend tens of thousands of dollars on a college education, wouldn’t you like the piece of mind to know you’re going about it the right way. The One Day package tackles the whole program in a workshop type session. These three hour workshops go through our DiscoveryU program at one time. You can reduce your stress by taking a half day or evening out of your life and go through all the proper steps to devise your personalized college search plan.  This workshop helps you navigate the entire college selection process with an organized and clear plan.The students start with figuring out a little more about themselves and what they’re looking for in a college and end with a strong foundation for the process and criteria for finding the best college fit.  You will leave with a cogent plan on what steps to take, how to proceed, and will be empowered to continue your journey to the best fit college choice knowing you did things the right way.

Personal workshop $199.00 – An action packed three hours with one family and myself or

you can combine with a friend and their family for $149.00 each family.

I offer prearranged workshop days at $99.00 (these are limited to 6 famiiles per workshop)

Larger groups at $79.00 per family can be arranged.

Before you spend thousands of dollars on college, know you’re doing it right, contact me