Silver package

For those not desiring a complete package, I offer the Silver package – Three 3 one-on-one workshops each lasting 2-3 hours. The Silver package is $600.00

These three hour workshops go through our DiscoveryU program with three different meetings at mutually agreed upon times.

Workshop I focuses on:

PreparingU– Preparing in high school for college

Organizing a plan

What classes to take

Extracurricular guidance

Standardized test selection, timing, and preparation

KnowingU – Knowing your desires, drams, strengths, weaknesses, insecurities, questions

Scholastic and personality assessments

Identifying goals, interests, search parameters, and talents

Developing a distinct personality profile

When ready, we will proceed to Workshop II takes the next step with

College4U – making the College list

Weighing and deciding on criteria for college choices

Developing timelines for choosing colleges

Guides for visiting colleges

Travel advice

Paying4U Paying for College

Low cost options

WUE options

Fafsa help and advice

Financial aid, merit aid, need-based aid, scholarships

Workshop III finishes things up

ShowingU Creating a strong application

Management tools for the application process

Interview preparedness

Essay brainstorming and strategies

Early Action, Early Decision, Binding and Non-binding

ChoosingU Making your final choice

Criteria for final choices

Post-application process

Senior year visits

Unlike the one day workshop offered in the bronze package, these one-on-one workshops can be arranged whenever a student is ready to take the next step in the process. Often workshop I is done during the freshman or sophomore year, workshop II is done during the Junior year, and workshop III is done in the summer or fall of the senior year. These times can be condensed or expanded depending on the students’s needs. If a family wants to do just one workshop, they are $250 each. A ten percent discount is given if the whole package is purchased at once.

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