FAQ (transfer)

Q: How is the transfer package different from the others?

Transferring students often have different needs and desires than first year students.  Being already enrolled, transfer students usually need a little less “hand holding” and usually just need basic advice. Transfer students often have different types of questions (see below).  Helping you present “the best you” is equally important to transfer students and colleges have a slightly different criteria in their decision making process for accepting transfer students.

Q: What do you think about starting at a lower cost school and transferring to a better one later on?

With tuition costs sky-rocketing, this is a common strategy.  Depending on major, school, your chances at most schools are about the same.  However there are many schools that don’t take very many transfer students.  You would limit your choices to some degree with this strategy, but finances often limits our choices.

Q: How do I know which classes will transfer?

There is no way to answer this.  Each school decides what classes they want to give credit for.  There are some guidelines available and we would discuss those depending on where you want to transfer to and what major and why.

Q: I’m just thinking of transferring, what should I do first?

See me! We can discuss how to transfer the most credits, and what to do to make you an attractive candidate so that you will get accepted to another institution.