How we help

IMG_0569 (1)Transferring colleges can be an overwhelming, complicated, and stressful experience.

Should I transfer? Where do I start? What should I know? What credits will transfer? Can I afford it?

These are some of the most common questions I get asked. Transferring colleges is a very different experience than applying as a freshman. Greatland College Consulting can help with this process and my transfer philosophy can be stated in one sentence:

Helping the transfer student find the right college fit”

Like choosing any college, there are no “secrets” to get into “the best” college. I believe that there are several college options for everyone. College students today take many paths to achieve their goals. I guide each student in an organized and systematic process . With my help, together we discover a wide range of individualized educational options and choices. Through this approach, we hone in on the best way to analyze and explore these options. Our goal, match each student’s personality, goals, and desires to a range of college options. In the end, helping each student find the right college fit. Notice, I use words like help, advise, guide and discover. That’s what I do. This is your process, your journey, your life. I limit the number of clients I accept to ensure each family receives the best possible service I can offer. I offer a service designed just for transfer students Using my experience and expertise, I guide students in the unique process of transferring themselves and their credits to a new college. I love what I do and look forward to meeting you someday soon. Please call or email me with any questions.