Services and rates

Transfer package $650.00 – This package retains my services during the process of finding and choosing colleges until the student heads off to college. It includes a personal list or lists of colleges were I use my knowledge and expertise to find the right college match for the student. Services include 24/7 contact with any questions or concerns. I prefer contact via email, but any pertinent information may be discussed by phone or in person if desired. I will whenever possible return phone calls and emails by the end of the day. I am available days, evenings, or weekends at a mutually agreed upon time and day. We will schedule the following:

An initial meeting

A midprocess meeting

A final meeting

Services include

Strenghts and weaknesses analysis to help guide your process

  • Analyzing the reasons for transferring
  • Weighing and deciding on criteria for transfer choices
  • Understanding the differences between the transfer and the freshman application processes
  • Organizing a plan
  • Evaluation of college transcripts and extracurriculars as seen from an transfer admissions viewpoint
  • Developing timeline and time management tools for the application process
  • Interview preparedness
  • Financial aid, merit aid, and need-based aid for transfers
  • Personal list of college recommendations for best-fit schools
  • Low cost options
  • WUE options
  • Criteria for final choices
  • Post-application processes

Hourly option: I can be hired for specific tasks at $89.00 per hour. This includes time spent researching, preparing and following up. The final price will be quoted and paid for in advance.

There will be no unexpected billings. Contact me for a quote.