Transferis my propriety method to guide you through the transfer process.  It’s divided into manageable steps.  Using this method gives you clear steps, keeps you organized and sane.

PreparingU Preparing during college to transfer

Organizing a plan

What classes to take

Extracurricular guidance

KnowingU Knowing your desires, dreams, strengths, weaknesses, insecurities, questions

Analyzing the reasons for transferring

Scholastic and personality assessments

Identifying goals, interests, search parameters, and talents

College4U Creating your College list

Weighing and deciding on criteria for the transfer college choices

Developing timelines for choosing colleges

Guides for visiting colleges

Travel advice

ShowingU Helping you to be the best transfer applicant you can be.

Strengthening your admissions profile

Management tools for the application process

Interview preparedness

Essay brainstorming and strategies

ChoosingU Making your final choice

Criteria for final application choices

Post-application process

Advice on obtaining credits from previous institution

Paying4U Paying for College

Low cost options

WUE options

Fafsa help and advice

Financial aid, merit aid, need-based aid, scholarships

LeavingU Preparing to Change

Preparedness for transferring

Practical tips and advice