Q: Why is this a separate service?

Some people just want to know about WUE options as a low cost alternative to colleges they are looking at.  They’re just looking for some basic information in a clear and concise form from a trusted expert.

Q: Money is important to me, why not just look at WUE schools.

The cost of college is important to almost everyone, but the published price is not what most students end up paying.  By just looking at WUE colleges, you could end up paying more than at a private school or or non-participating WUE public school.

Q: Why can’t I just do it myself?

You can! That’s why I wrote the book. However, you’ll get an orderly way to look at the colleges and to talk with someone who has spent hundreds of hours researching the WUE colleges and programs.  My questionnaire also asks the right questions to help you get the right fit college. And lastly, I’ve visited many of the campuses of the WUE schools, and that’s the best way to know a school.

Q: What makes you an expert?

I’ve used my years of helping students and learning about colleges and have spent hundreds of hours researching and communicating with the 4 year WUE colleges.  I am a student of all colleges and also use the same expertise in knowing about WUE schools.

Q: What is the biggest difference between this service and the others?

This is a very stream-lined process. A questionnaire is completed and then I give a list of suggested schools and an explanation on why these may be a good fit for you.  I don’t help with the whole gamut of services that the DiscoveryU program provides.