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I am the The WUE specialist. I charge $89.00/hour for my WUE consultation services. With the cost of colleges increasing to unbelievable levels, the WUE option is a great way to earn a college degree at a much lower cost. Using my book and all the knowledge gained putting it together, we use all the information in an organized and systematic way to help you decide which schools might be a good fit for you. Where are all these schools? What kind of area is the school located in?WUE_colleges_cover_front What are the WUE application processes? Is it merit based and if so, how do they determine who gets the merit?  I can help you narrow your choices based on location, major, size, and WUE criteria in a manner of an hour or two usually.  I will give you a list of best fit WUE schools based on the factors you tell me about. You’ll never be charged more than the price your quoted:

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