The Savvy Guide to the 4-year WUE Colleges

Everyone is aware of the rising cost of a college education and it’s a serious concern for students and families, especially when an out-of-state college is being considered. For years, the Western Undergraduate Exchange has reduced tuition costs for students in western states. But each participating college offers the reduced tuition in a different way. Now there is a book I’ve written to help students and families explore these colleges and their WUE programs! Inside this book you’ll find:

•Tuition listings (2015-16 data) from lowest to highest.
•Acceptance rates and median test scores for freshmen.
•Four-year and six-year graduation rates.
•Comparisons of how many freshmen are from out of state and how many freshmen live on campus.
.•How to get WUE tuition at each school, step by step.
•Guidance on best high school course selections.
•Listings of majors available to WUE students.
•Information for students, families, and counselors on which WUE programs are competitive or limit the number of students who receive the reduced tuition. And More!